A brilliant writer and creator in copy, content, script, and a wealth of fields, Ruth Boateng has authored three books for children and is a spoken word artist whose written work has been performed for organizations like CAMFED, DDLF, Listen Africa, and Print Innovation in places like the British Council and Springboard Core Program in Ghana.

She is a passionate advocate for upholding hope and joy in humanity and expresses her soul, working as the country (Ghana) administrator at Shinning Stars Incorporated, an international NGO that advocates for persons with special needs, and a director at the Oasis Academy of Excellence, a homeschooling program established to provide education for children in temporary shed communities.

She is fondly referred to and widely known as Ruthie Boat as it is the signature of her spiritually uplifting and motivational music. She has seven songs written and composed to her credit and has an album titled SING on all digital music stores.

Books & more

Will We Always Be Children?

(Paediatric Poetry Book 1)